How to Find Peace Within Chaos

When the world around you feels uncertain and your life feels overwhelming. Here's how to get back to a foundation of peace.

Course Summary

There's lots of uncertainty in the world right now and often, we feel surrounded by moments of chaos in our ever changing world. Especially if you are building towards a purposeful future, sometimes you run into times of frustration, overwhelm and anxiousness as you navigate through the challenging things in life.

This course shows you the steps to get you out of overwhelm, stuck and frustration and back into a peaceful state of creative flow.

Course Curriculum

Lucia Griesbach

Lucia has this gift to make this really complex information, easy to understand and implement into real every day strategies. I really enjoyed this workshop. Thank you!!  
- Lily

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  • Finding Peace Within Chaos
  • $37 USD

    Need a sense of calm? Feeling overwhelmed in a noisy world? In this workshop, you will learn how to find peace amongst chaos.

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