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Align With Purpose - Guided Course

Discover Your Sacred Gifts and Align With Your Soul's Purpose

Course Summary

Hello and welcome! 

Is this you? You feel a call to do something GREAT in this world, yet you're feeling uncertain in what you were meant to do! What's your purpose? What are you gifted at? What's your superpowers? What's not meant for you? How do you know if you're on the right path for you? How can you live your best life?

If you're one of the lucky few that knew early what you wanted to do in life, awesome! I'd love to say I was one of those people but I was not! The only thing I did know was I wanted to effect positive change for others, I wanted to help elevate their life.  That's the reason, I left my corporate tech career to become an executive coach. Unfortunately, I found out soon after that although I could help with coaching, I still didn't know what I was helping people with. It also didn't 'light' me up as it always felt just off mark to what I wanted to do -- HOW I wanted to help shift this world.

That all changed when I took this exact program Discover Your Sacred Gifts. It helped me figure out my HOW and what I was naturally gifted at.  It also helped me get clear on what I wasn't meant to do!! Which was surprisingly just as powerful as knowing what I was meant to do! 

In this 4-week LIVE program, we go through a process to Discover Your Sacred Gifts. During our time together, you get to embrace, get clarity and unstoppable confidence in your superpowers - your natural gifts for life. You also get to let go of that which isn't for you so you can stop judging yourself for that which you were never meant to excel in.

The Align With Purpose Program includes:

+ Lifetime access to the Discover Your Sacred Gifts Program including characteristics and signs to look for.  (Value: $247)
+ The ‘Feel On Purpose Formula’ training to help you identify how you can feel on purpose in your life today. 
+ Exercises, worksheets and a full workbook to use as you follow along. 
+ Complete descriptions of all 24 Sacred Gifts available as audio files that you can download and listen to as many times as you like. + An Assessment to help you discern your gifts. 
+ Access to our Members’ Only Facebook Group. 
+ + Work with me for 4 weeks as your Certified Sacred Gifts Guide.  (Value: $800)
+ + BONUS Flow Into Purpose with your gifts,  using my Flow Into Purpose Technique and action plan worksheet to move forward with purpose. (Value: $197)

Total Value: $1244

** Price today: $497 **

Dates and times for the LIVE group coaching sessions will be scheduled 60 min sessions each week for 4 weeks from start date.

The next intake start date is May 30th at 4pm PST. 

We will meet once a week for 4 weeks at the same time. Please only register if you are willing to commit to being on 4 live calls with me (Tuesdays, May 30, Jun 6, 13, and 20 @ 4pm).  

Intake seats are limited to 8 participants to ensure everyone gets time to discover and experience their individual gifts.

Who am I to be YOUR GUIDE for this program?  My name is Lucia and helping you step into your purpose has always been my calling. It's taken me on a journey of leaving my corporate job as a Senior Software Developer to become a Certified Executive Coach from Royal Roads University. To continue to help my coaching clients overcome what was getting in the way to results, I became a Master NLP Practitioner/Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, and Master Time Line Therapy™ Practitioner. Things really shifted for me when I took this exact Discover Your Sacred Gifts program, it impacted me so much I had to add it to the tools I use to help others live a life fully on purpose... so I became a Certified Sacred Gifts Guide. In my personal life, I'm a committed loving wife, mother of 3 kids plus 1 fur child. I continue to be curious and grow in my calling to help elevate your life.
I'm looking forward to working with you and helping you get the clarity you need to create positive change in your world!

If you have questions, let's talk! Please reach out and book a complimentary clarity call here with me. 


Course Curriculum

Lucia Griesbach

Lucia created an environment where there was no judgment, just open sharing by all the participants. She held space for all of us and asked insightful question when needed. Lucia’s calm, open energy is a noticeable strength of hers. As we embarked on this journey of self-exploration, there was always a sense that Lucia was with us on this journey, holding space for us to discover and guiding us when needed using her intuitive approach.  Lucia has great intuition!" - Renu

The course was fully explained and I never had any moments where I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to be doing or uncertain how to proceed. Lucia made a welcoming and accepting environment where I felt free to discuss things that were rather personal or private. The sessions had a free flowing feel to them that never felt regimented and yet always managed to finish perfectly on time. She has an ability to explain the nuances of the gifts and what exactly a gift was and helping to identify it when you were having trouble discerning between a gift and a skill." - Brendan 

I felt a sense of adventure coming from within.  Lucia is a great facilitator. I was emotional on the 4th call – I didn’t want the group to come to an end. Lucia was very professional, calm and grounded. She always held unconditional positive regard for everyone.  She never told us what we were supposed to be feeling. She allowed us our sense of discovery and our emotions throughout the process. She held space for everyone to hear and listen to all. I had a great experience discovering and embracing my Sacred Gifts. I have a better understanding now of what I love, the activities I choose to engage in, and why. I have a better idea of how to apply myself to my passion projects or aims, so that I can share or be of benefit to others." - Christine 

Lucia provided clarity on the material and the purpose of the program, set me up for success, and was extremely encouraging. Her natural serenity and calmness created a supportive environment. She is steadfast in her ability to hold space for others, and also bring out the best in them, and direct their attention towards opportunities and understanding. Lucia brings a fantastically serene energy that really made the group feel like a wonderful space. In such a short time, she created a sense of community focused on learning and growth. It was great. She was there to answer any and all of my questions both during the sessions and if something came up outside of it, and she created a great environment, and was really knowledgeable and had a lot of insight." - Melissa

Lucia did a great job of explaining my sacred gifts and listening to me as I expressed my thoughts.  She has a very effective communication style.  Thank you!" - Jen

I had an idea what some of my gifts might be, but was surprised by how highly scored I was in several categories. Lucia was very professional, outlined first how the session would go, made sure to cover each gift in enough time before moving onto the next one. It did not feel rushed, but smoothly following a schedule. I would strongly recommend Lucia as a Sacred Gifts Guide. She's very enthusiastic about conveying her knowledge and clearly enjoys doing so. I wouldn't hesitate in suggesting her services to other colleagues and friends." - Tamaryn

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