Coaches, healers, changemakers, conscious entrepreneurs and lightworkers! Want to create abundance in your personal power by creating a passion and purpose digital course?

Flow Into Abundance


Live life aligned to your highest potential, access your abundant and creative flow state
and step into your personal power. 

Three months group and weekly individual 1-on-1 coaching with me dedicated to work on or create your passion and purpose digital product with ease and FLOW. 

Do you ever feel that the biggest challenge in growing your purpose-driven online business is YOURSELF?

Have you ever found yourself doing things like posting or watching social media, learning and more learning, investing in courses, doing all the things just so you can feel like you are living an empowered life when what you know deep down inside, you're getting very little traction towards what you dream of --  a passion and purpose-driven business where you are free to  express your unlimited potential?

Do you ever feel that you have these great ideas for an online business but for some reason they never get off the ground and never get implemented? Or perhaps, you got started creating your passion and purpose digital products and/or service, only to find yourself second guessing yourself, spinning your wheels, losing momentum, feeling overwhelm and going nowhere fast!? 

You feel that you need to just keep pushing through, you feel deep down that it's possible to have the freedom to live life on your own terms; you feel you have to keep pushing through for that dream that keeps whispering to you. How many more years do you need to keep pushing through? 1? 2? 5?

You tell your children that they can accomplish anything they set their mind to and yet you are unable to achieve that level of success for yourself.

Perhaps you feel overwhelmed with all the responsibilities, endless to-do lists; maybe you struggle in your relationship and it is taking your focus away from your purpose -- creating an online digital product that can make revenue as well as give you the potential to achieve time and financial freedom.

You know that if you don't get started or get it done you'll be cheating yourself
and your loved ones of an incredible future.

Not only that,

but that there are people out there you could be helping with your online course or product,
lots of them, maybe even saving lives or relationships!

 You want to overcome hesitation and doubt... so you can break through to confidence and finally leave that dead end job to focus on what
you were always meant to do.

Seems easy enough to focus and stay determined but so often life gets in the way. Before you realize you're in yet another endless rabbit hole, you're pulled over to another path that feels far from your dreams of creating the legacy you desire.

 You want to overcome what’s stopping you and just go for it,
you want to step fully into an unlimited potential in income….

But time and time again, it hasn’t happened…

Albert Einstein once said
"We can't solve our problems 
by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

You’re not alone… and I get it,
How do I know?
Because I’ve been there…
I was doing all the things, all the things that didn’t get me very far. I took program after program, learning how to list build, create courses, run an online business, social media courses, run masterminds, read tons of books…  

I learned a lot but the main foundation on why I wasn't moving ahead faster (or at all sometimes) was still missing…  I didn't feel I was stuck but day after day, there was little progress. I often fooled myself that I was 'busy' and that I had it figured out… I was super busy doing all the things in building my passion and purpose driven business and had little to show for. 

I was told I’m too rational by an intuitive coach. 
How can that be?  
My logic was actually getting in the way of me being truly aligned in purpose and flow while building my freedom lifestyle business. 
Time was slipping away… days became weeks, weeks became months… and shamefully months became years.
And of course, as I became more shameful of myself... it took away trust in myself plus the foundation to stand in confidence. My days filled with doubt, will I ever answer the call? The call in my heart for my greatest expression of self??

I understood the concept of abundance, but didn't know how to fully tap into it or understand the science behind it or what was holding me back from my next level. At first, I thought I had the key…
I'm smart and capable, right??
I mean, this former software developer… I can figure it out, I can do this.
I was busy, busy… when I realized there was little progress, I thought maybe somebody else had the magic key, 

the knowledge I needed to get me to the next level.
I kept investing $$$$ on business coaches, yet still didn't move forward...

That is, until I realized the KEY was always in me!

Who am I? And how am I equipped to guide you in creating or completing your passion and purpose online course?

Hi, I'm Lucia Griesbach, a mother of 3, a wife and a mindset coach.  My passion and purpose is to help coaches, healers, changemakers, conscious entrepreneurs and lightworkers to create abundance while in their personal power  by creating their signature online course or digital products.  

In my former life, before becoming a trained coach, I was a software and web developer in a corporate provincial company. When I became a mom, life changed dramatically. I wanted to be the best version of myself and that meant leading my life the way I always wanted to.  This meant changing directions from a tech role to following my own passion and purpose business.

This has been a LONG journey. Honestly, I don't believe it is possible for me to feel completely done... this is a journey of growth, self mastery and I am walking the walk with you every day.

I've known since I was a child that my calling is to help people create the life of their dreams while bringing out what is aligned with their passion and purpose for life. The combination of my coaching and tech skills helps me understand the world of digital courses and products. I have an intuitive calling that helps me understand purpose and abundance.

After leaving my senior corporate tech position, I studied at Royal Roads University and graduated as  a Certified Executive Coach in 2013.  Since then, each step has brought me more desire to keep growing to become a better coach.  I wanted to know and be able to DO MORE for my coaching clients... I wanted to know what was stopping them from actioning on simple tasks that would lead them to faster results, this lead me to becoming a Master NLP Practitioner and Coach, a Certified Hypnotherapist, a Time Line Therapy™ practitioner, a Certified Coach Trainer, a Certified Sacred Gifts guide and more recently a trauma-informed coach. I've lead and facilitated individual and group coaching sessions  since 2013.

In my spare time, I'm usually with my hubby, our kids and our furry child (aka the dog), reading a book, learning something new and working on bringing more  ease and flow in my home life.

The KEY was always in me
and when I figured it out, everything started to Flow Into Abundance. 

Now I’m putting the KEYS to your unlimited potential in this 3-month program… 

The keys to being financially free by building your passion and purpose driven course/product and service business; a mindset that keeps you at optimal health and wealth; keys to stop you from being distracted; the action steps to step out in your genius and to help others do the same; the keys to living a life of purpose and make income doing it.
This is not a get rich quick scheme, it's about learning how to level up in your potential,
live feeling fulfilled and experiencing the freedom to live life on your own terms. 

Listen… time is ticking…

I don’t want you to waste precious years like I did…  
I don't want you to waste anymore time and money from living the life that is potentially yours to create.

The time is now...

The world is changing. AI is growing fast, jobs WILL BE replaced AND
there is something in you that can't be replaced by any AI and that's where your purpose is. You can teach something you're passionate about... that changed your life and can potentially change someone else's life for the better.

That’s why I created this program to teach you how to

Flow into Abundance

-- level after level … rinse and repeat…  that you can apply to creating or completing your passion and purpose course or product with ease.  

Let me show you how to stay in flow state, how to master your self and live a fulfilled life on purpose while building your purpose-driven online course.

WHY build a passion and purpose-driven online course??

Because you can help someone with what you already know! And the future is moving in this direction to make income.

Times are changing. Tech is changing fast. Everything is moving online. E-learning is one of the fastest growing industries.

Online courses, also known as e-learning, is a rapidly growing market and expected to grow to $325 billion by the year 2025. We are still in the beginning of this wave.

Your online course can have an unlimited global reach and potential income. Consumption of information has increased tremendously in the past few years. Someone out there needs the information you already have and can help with.  

Is there money to be made by selling your expertise??

YES! With the right training and action, anyone can create a source of income from what they know... even create passive income where you get paid while you are walking the dog or picking up your kids from school!  

Having an purpose-driven online course or digital product, means you have something to sell. Money that goes directly into your own pockets without an employer or a 3rd party vendor and doesn't require a warehouse to store products.  

AND mostly because this world needs positive change and if it's something you are passionate about, there's a good chance that you can help someone with it.

Have you ever heard of the saying “The way a person does one thing is the way they do everything"? …

it’s time to break out of old patterns that no longer serve you.

It’s time for you to

Flow into Abundance.

Imagine knowing exactly what to do to get to the next level of your life; imagine tapping into your own unlimited resources and potential, yes, I teach you how to access those keys of abundance in yourself…
that’s what this program is about.

This program isn’t about concepts, you will be working towards your passion and purpose online course to significantly move the needle towards your goals and heart’s desires of unlimited income. My past students have used it to create their first or next online course, some have used it to get started on their passion and purpose driven practice, some have used it to change their money story so they can charge what they want with ease.

The knowledge is only good when you experience it. That's why this program is all about implementing how to live a life of flow into abundance while in your passion and purpose...

The end result is you feel fulfillment NOW, while knowing exactly what to do to reach your next level potential.


Flow into Abundance

From stuck, overwhelm, confusion to clarity, confidence and more ease in flow and abundance
This 3 month Flow Into Abundance program is for you if you want to manifest your passion and purpose driven online course.

What to expect from this program: 

♾️  understanding of how to expand your conscious container of abundance
♾️  truly understanding your purpose in life
♾️  learn how to tap into your own intuitive resources and guidance system
♾️  practice staying in flow, how to stay focused on track even when the world around you is distracting and noisy
♾️  get results quicker than doing it on your own 

♾️  coaching to break through any hidden limiting beliefs, blocks that unconsciously keep you back
♾️  accountability to stay on track with manifesting  your online purpose driven course
♾️  customized Bonuses tailored for your needs
♾️  3 months of individual and group coaching
♾️  get the personal support you need  

  • Pay 3 Monthly installments
    3 payments of

    $573 USD

    per month

    Baby Steps to Flow State. Option to finance one month at a time.

  • Finance monthly for 3 months
  • Commit to one month at a time to your purpose driven course
  • Includes Discover Your Sacred Gifts
  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay in Full

    $1497 USD


    All in and Ready to Flow. Pay in full and save a substantial amount of money

  • Take advantage of 15% savings
  • Commit to 3 months of passion and purpose
  • Includes Discover Your Sacred Gifts and ALL Bonuses
  • One Time Payment

The program includes live 1-on-1 and unlimited group coaching sessions!

This isn’t for just anyone… so, before you jump on it and say it's for you, ask yourself one question:
"will you be willing to take action during the 3 months of coaching with me,
the action that will take you to new levels of abundance"?

This program is for action takers because ultimately, I can coach/guide/mentor but you can only get results if you do 1 thing... take action from the coaching!

I can even coach on clarity in your next steps but it's still up to you to action and integrate the lessons into your life.
Action starts today…
Sign up now or reach out if you have any questions!

What Do You Receive?

Lifetime access to the 9 Modules of Flow Into Abundance - the mindset course you need to grow as a digital creator.
3 months 1-on-1 coaching with me while we work on your passion and purpose driven course(s).
Examples of what you could do with 3 months of weekly coaching with me:
• create your first or next purpose driven course, product or service;
• finally complete a passion purpose course you've been stalled at and start earning income with it;
• clarity around your inner genius to create a purpose driven course, product or service;
• overcome your limiting self talk that keeps you from completing your purpose-driven course;
• sell your online purpose driven course without feeling salesy.
This is all about breaking through to results, all while in the ease of FLOW.  There's 9 modules on how to access flow while working on your online business.

Phase One
Module 1: Leading by Purpose 
Module 2: Vision Clarity
Module 3: Accessing Inspired Action

Phase Two
Module 4: Shifting Identity
Module 5: The Human Saboteur 

Module 6: TRUST in Abundant Flow 

Phase Three
Module 7: Tap into Intuitive GPS
Module 8: The Value Ladder
Module 9: Wealth and Abundance Consciousness 

What Does It Include?

Weekly 1-on-1 coaching calls with me for 3 months (Value: $3000)
Monthly group coaching calls for-ever... (well, for as long as I'm coaching and you're willing to show up to do the work)... you heard that right, unlimited monthly group calls (Value: $priceless)

9 - modules on Abundant Flow,  unlimited access to learn at your own pace  (Value: $997)

Discovering Your Sacred Gifts (Know Your Genius) - guided (Value: $497)
ALIGNED CLIENT : Crafting your Ideal Customer Avatar (Value: $47)
ALIGNED OFFER : Creating your Purpose Driven Offer (Value: $47)
Building your own Email Marketing List (Value: $197)
Time Management for the family-focused purpose-driven entrepreneur (Value: $47)
Demystifying Spiritual Warfare while on Purpose (Value: $47)

What Others Say About Flow Into Abundance

Suzette Alvarez, BC, CAN


Lucia is calm, neutral and poised in every interaction. She has a gentle, yet firm way of showing you a different perspective on a challenge that may initially appear as a deadbolt. She masterfully weaves and guides me to concrete and action-oriented solutions.

Mercedes Maidana, TX, USA


Having a conversation with Lucia extends an opportunity for self-reflection and personal growth. With an open mind and an open heart, Lucia shines light in places where before, it was dark. 

La Toya Jr. Borders, CA, USA


Love Lucia Griesbach! She always gives spot on advice, clear and concise, open and professional. I can always count on her to give me superior feedback and constructive criticism.